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My Child Is A Natural Performer 

Talent is a raw gift…just as a diamond is a rare stone. It only becomes worth its weight when it is cut, honed, polished, set, and displayed. I’ve had many parents over my years of teaching tell me that their child is amazing and talented, but for whatever reason, they just freeze when it comes time to perform when it counts. Of course, they do. They don’t know how to use their gift in the realms of the professional world of entertainment. Learn the tools necessary to compete in the business. 


Former (and current) students have had prominent roles in film (“St. Vincent” starring Bill Murray, Melisa McCarthy & Naomi Watts) as well as Nickelodeon, Comcast & more. I also train singers from beginners to performers -students have appeared on  Broadway, in numerous venues in New York, Chicago, and across the country.  I teach kids what they need to know to actually compete in the business with confidence in themselves & their talent.

You Are Unique

I don’t work in groups with more than 6 actors at a time. I keep my classes small so that every actor gets the one on one attention that they NEED to develop their gift. I’ve worked in those environments where there are 10+ kids…someone always gets left behind. One -on -one is crucial to feeling secure and confident in exploring techniques and character development.


Voice Recognition

Actors learn the basics as far as what to do on auditions, what is expected, how to work in front of the camera, how to work with other actors, making that very important “FIRST IMPRESSION”, the terms of the business, scene study, monologues, soap/sitcom, improv, character study/breakdowns, sense memory and more…all with personal attention.



 Former/current students:


"I've known Frankie Keane since I was 8 years old being my first acting coach. She prepared me for everything including my first monologue, my first resume, voice lessons and continues to be a strong coach guide and friend. She truly cares about her students/peeps . She wants the best for all her kids, gives honest advice and always finds time to fit you into her busy schedule. Frankie is the best!!"

Dario Barosso actor  (“Saint Vincent” ~ “The Amazing Spider-Man 2" ~ “Robot and Frank”)

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