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"It's Christmas Time" Music Video

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Featured on Broadway in "Home For The Holidays" and soon to be featured in the movie "Hereafter Musical" starring Danny Aiello and Frankie Keane here is the music video of "It's Christmas Time"

Frankie Keane and Danny Aiello from "Hereafter Musical"

Here's a special Christmas treat for our Hereafter fans. It's a Christmas song that will be featured in the Hereafter movie which will be coming out next year. We haven't shot the scene yet that features "It's Christmas Time" but we couldn't resist sharing the demo of the song so we made this little video. 

The music in this video features me [Vocals] and Dani Donadi [Arrangement and all instruments]. This is just the demo so expect a bigger production for the movie soundtrack. But here's the really cool part. The video features a mash up of clips from Christmas movies (and some TV shows) ...a total of 42 clips from 28 films which appear in the following order (listed below).

If all goes according to plan, you will be watching a new version of a video that will feature clips from our own little (destined to be) Christmas classic. Enjoy!

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